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At International School Eerde we have a highly qualified and committed team consisting of experienced teachers and qualified boarding parents. All of whom are officially vetted to ensure a safe school environment.

Our aim is to educate, nurture, inspire and motivate our students to become well-accomplished global citizens and we do this by leading by example.

We have numerous nationalities in our team to ensure a culturally rich environment. Our employees are chosen with the greatest of care. Not just based on their professionalism and expertise, but also on specific competences that are valuable for an internationally focused culture such as team spirit, commitment, flexibility and adaptability.

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Teaching in English

English is one of the most important languages in the world and this is exactly why we choose to educate our students in English. 

To get ahead in the international business and finance world, English is a must. It enables career opportunities in multi-national companies, as well as being the preferred language when travelling around the world. 

We also respect and maintain the use of other languages at International School Eerde, as the personal background and origin of our team and students is of paramount importance to us.