Santa Lucia at Eerde

At Eerde our students body represent over 20 nationalities! This many different nationalities also means different customs and festivities. To have our students learn the most about different cultures, we celebrate some of these different Holidays.

Today we celebrated the festive day of Saint Lucy (Santa Lucia), a festive day in Sweden, in the days before Christmas! At this day the longest night is celebrated and lights are brought for Saint Lucia. Below you will find the story our students shared with their fellow students and  parents at Saint Lucy, while sharing the light!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls !

Today is almost the shortest and darkest day of the year !

So, we want to bring light to you, with Lucia! ….

Look, there she is : Lucia!


  1. Long time ago, in the year of 300, lived a girl named Lucia. She was from Sicily, Italy.

Lucia was beautiful and came from a rich family. She had to marry and her mother had to give part of her wealth as a wedding gift to the future husband.

Just before the wedding, Lucia’s mother became very ill and no doctor could help her to recover.

  1. Lucia and her mother decided to pray to God and ask help from God. They were praying at the grave of Saint Agatha.

And a miracle happened: the mother recovered!

Lucia was sure that God helped them because of their praying and decided to thank God by serving God and living as a Christian.

This was not allowed on that time.


  1. Lucia started to give away her wealth to the poor people. This made her future husband very angry.

Lucia also decided to not get married anymore and this made her future husband to hate her.

He ordered that Lucia should be arrested. She was taken to the court.

  1. In the court, Lucia admitted that she became a Christian and she was punished for this.

When they wanted to take her, nobody could move her from the spot she stood on.

People even tried to pull her away with horses, but they couldn’t move her.

  1. The judge got so angry that he ordered that Lucia should be burned on the very spot she was standing.

But even the fire could not do anything to her!

Finally a man jumped out and killed her with his sword.

Lucia fell to the ground and died while praying to God.

  1. After her death she became a saint: Saint Lucy.

On December 13th in Scandinavia the feast of Santa Lucia is celebrated.


This festival helps bringing light into the long hours of darkness.