ACADEMIC YEAR 2019 – 2020


4-5 weekdays 7 weekdays
€ 22,500 + Deposit* € 28,300 + Deposit* € 120
incl. laundry, supervised evening homework, social, cultural and sporting activities, but excluding weekend activities. Incl. laundry, supervised evening homework, social, cultural sporting and weekend activities. Inc. dinner and breakfast.
* Please note that these fees do not include tuition fees.
* All boarding students pay a one-time guarantee deposit of € 2,750 when they first enroll, which will be reimbursed at the end of the period of boarding following the satisfactory departure of the student.
The boarding fees stated are the per person price for students sharing a room. 
If a single room is required based on request of parents/guardians, the fee is € 42,450 for full boarding for a full academic year, this will be calculated pro rata for shorter periods. Please note that this is upon request only and based on availability.
During the Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring holidays, the boarding rooms will not be available. During these periods the rooms will be made available to students attending school camps (personal items will be kept secure). If the boarding student wishes to continue using his/her room in these periods, the fee for the specific school camp will be charged. 
The boarding fees stated are exclusive of incidental costs such as: academic extras such as additional learning support and external tuition, educational visits and other activities, individual materials, transportation, external expert, additional learning support , music tuition, insurances and personal expenses. These will be charged separately on a case-by-case basis.
Payment may be made in 2 instalments, in which case a 5% fee will apply to the fees stated in this overview.