Cambridge International Examination

Eerde International Boarding School is an international school which has a long-term relationship with Cambridge International Examinations and Assessment. We offer various Cambridge programmes but we are also fully accredited to administer exams. We offer this service both to our own students and to external or so-called private candidates.  

Our latest inspection report in November 2019 read: 

We are pleased to confirm that your centre has been awarded a Completely Satisfactory rating on the basis of your recent Compliance inspection. This rating has been given as the security arrangements and conduct of exams at your centre, as observed by our inspector during their visit, fully complied with Cambridge International regulations.

We can administer most Cambridge exams. Please visit the appropriate website to see an overview of possible exams, we might not be able to deliver all the ones listed.

SAM Learning (optional)

At Eerde International Boarding School, our students use the platform SAM Learning to get better prepared for their exams. SAM Learning contains thousands of revision activities, across many KS3 and IGCSE subjects. 

As a full service we also offer this module for our external exam candidates. We encourage all of our external exam students to take this extra option, and take advantage of these revision activities, taking around 15 minutes per activity, which makes it ideal to be done in short time frames. Research has shown that it will help improve IGCSE results.

Additional costs will apply (please find these in table below).

To make use of SAM learning as a preparation tool for your exams, please add this in the enrolment form which you will find below.

Examination Costs

Type Fee Extra fee per component
Registration fee per series € 100,-
Component fee
€ 100,-  
Access arrangement €25,-
Speaking test extra fee €50,-
Practical €100,-


We can most likely accept all option codes including a carry forward mark. This needs to be looked at on a case by case basis and within a 13 month timeframe from the last exam series. Please contact us so we can look into your possibilities and advise on the next steps. Enrolments submitted after the 14th of February 2022 will include a late entry fee, for more information about the total fees please contact us by using the form below.


Fill in the form by clicking the link below to enrol for an examination session:

Exam Enrolment Form

Terms and Conditions

You can find all the information about the exam center terms and conditions here:


Deadline and other information

Please note that for the May/June 2022 series all payments have to be in before the final deadline of February 14th. This is the absolute deadline for our centre. You will receive your Statement of Entry and your exam timetable in a timely fashion. If needed we can provide full boarding services on our campus. Revision classes can often be facilitated as well. These latter services come with additional costs and are contingent upon availability.

If you have questions or would like to receive more information please contact us by using the form below.

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