Jump into the rich
and mystical past

4 History

International School Eerde has a captivating and intriguing history. The castle, which is still used as part of the school premises today, dates back to the 12th century. As you walk along the majestic corridors today, you can imagine the famous characters who took the same steps decades before.

Over the years, the castle has had a number of inhabitants including the infamous robber baron Evert van Essen who resided at Eerde castle in 1380. In 1706, the plot was bought by Johan Werner "Baron" van Pallandt, Lieutenant General of the Netherlands. Centuries later in 1924, the castle and estate was passed onto the world-famous Indian philosopher Krishnamurti, founder of the Order of the Star of the East. In 1933 the castle was transformed into a school and became a home for Jewish children threatened by the Nazi regime. It was in 1934 that Eerde International College was founded.

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