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“At Eerde it’s not all work and no play. We encourage everyone to enjoy their favourite sport and passion”

There is plenty of opportunity to have fun with extra-curricular activities such as art, music, culture and sport at Eerde. There are numerous sports clubs to join and people to meet. This is the moment that our students are free to be active, have fun and enjoy life as they would at home. 

Our on-site facilities include a gym and all-weather tennis courts. We provide individual private instrument and singing lessons and have an annual entertainment show called ‘Eerde on Stage’. As an education partner of the Rijksmusem, we have ample art projects to get involved in and of course, we have acres of countryside to explore and cycle. 

“Where you make friends for life”

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At the weekend, students make friends for life, whilst socialising in the common room, going on cultural or recreational trips or relaxing with a well-deserved weekend off. We offer a range of activities from sports to museum visits and laser quest outings to movie nights.

During the summer holiday, we run a fun-packed summer camp with daring survival expeditions and canoeing adventures, as well as must-see trips to Giethoorn, Amsterdam and The Hague.  

At Eerde it is not all work and no play. We want to build individuals in all aspects – not just intellectually but also mentally, physically and emotionally to become well-rounded individuals. 

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