Primary education

Ages 4-11 International Primary Years Curriculum and Cambridge Primary

Get the best of two international educational systems

International schools all over the world generally teach either the International Primary Years Curriculum (IPC) or Cambridge Primary.  At Eerde we teach both.

Through Cambridge we offer primary students a solid foundation in Maths and English. Through IPC we encourage children to look constantly for connections between a wide range of subjects. By combining these renowned educational systems, we stimulate children to love learning from an early age and develop an enquiring mindset that will last a lifetime.

Our daughter was at Eerde 2010 – 2012. Katelyn flourished under its influence and grew in leaps and bounds We can honestly say that this period was the most wonderful experience of her entire school life.

David and Phyllida, parents

Combine traditional learning with 21st century thinking

The Cambridge primary programme provides children with a solid basis in the core subjects of Math and English. Developed at one of the oldest educational centres in the world, Cambridge’s clear learning objectives and assessments lay a sound foundation to move on to IGCSE secondary education.

The IPC curriculum helps children form a big picture and understanding about how everything is connected. By integrating all subjects creatively around a theme it encourages learners to look constantly for connections. And we believe that the more connections children can make, the better they can learn.  Learning with IPC takes a global approach: helping students to connect their learning to the world around them and to look at what they are learning from the perspectives of other people.

IPC takes into consideration various learning styles, brain friendly learning and multiple intelligences suiting the needs of students between the ages of 4-11. And helps meet the needs of future employers in a rapidly changing world.

The more connections children can make, the better they can learn.