90 days at Eerde

Get a taste for boarding in 90 days at Eerde

Our three-month trial boarding package is the perfect opportunity to experience all aspects of international boarding school. Students from all over the world can live and learn at Eerde for 90 consecutive days. Trial boarding programmes can start at any time in the academic year.

When you spend 90 consecutive days at Eerde, you’re immersed in the authentic experience of living and learning at international boarding school, including weekends and perhaps school holidays as well. And with our help, you can choose the subject options which fit seamlessly with your school schedule back home. At the end of the uninterrupted 3-month period you receive a certificate of all the courses taken, approved by the Dean of students.

Take responsibility for yourself

Living and learning in a boarding community teaches you so much more than you learn in the classroom. Living away from home isn’t always easy. You’ll get lots of support from teachers, life coaches and fellow students. But you’ll still need to be more independent and take more responsibility for your actions than if you were living at home.

Break new ground

Like any new adventure, going to boarding school means taking a risk because you think the reward will be worthwhile. During your consecutive 90 days at Eerde you’ll be part of a community that’s willing to explore new things, sample the unfamiliar, and share the benefits of that experience.

Make new friends

Boarding school can be a lot of fun. Imagine living for three months with a bunch of your best friends! Students and teachers at Eerde come from all over the world, so you’ll meet people from many different cultures and backgrounds. And your boarding roommate could become a friend for life.

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