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Safe and friendly environment
At Eerde we offer a safe and friendly environment for our students and staff to live toget-her harmoniously. Our aim is to ensure a safe environment to grow up. We follow a zero-tolerance policy on bullying, theft, vandalism, alcohol and drug abuse. Any violation of these rules may lead to permanent exclusion from school. 

Home from home
Our students live in two spacious boarding houses and are cared for by professional boarding parents. In general, two students of the same gender and approximately same age share a room. 

Homemade fresh food
A healthy and varied breakfast, lunch and dinner is served in the castle. Our full-time chef offers a delicious and nutritional menu using sustainable food and takes into account any dietary and religious requirements. 

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  • Experienced boarding Parents

    Qualified boarding parents are closely involved in well-being of our students. They are in charge of the daily routines of the students before and after school hours.

    They strive to develop the students’ sense of responsibility: caring for one another, keeping their rooms tidy, completing their homework and participating in social activities. They also pay close attention to the medical care and welfare of students and make any necessary appointments as required. If your child becomes ill, the boarding parents will provide extra care just like being at home. 

  • Being involved

    The Student Representative Counsel (SRC) meets regularly with boarding parents and management to discuss any issues or problems students may experience. This committee has proven to be extremely successful as the students respect the fact that they can express themselves and have a say in their own living environment.

  • Staying in touch

    Keeping in touch with family and friends is essential to our boarding students’ well-being. All students are connected to the Internet and have their own personal Eerde email address. After office hours, boarding staff will answer all incoming calls from parents or guardians directly. The Internet is switched off during the night to ensure a healthy night’s rest for each student.

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