SCHOLARSHIPS 2019 - 2020

Scholarships at Eerde

Eerde’s educational philosophy is to support each pupil in discovering their talents and maximising their potential. We believe in the importance of inspiring, empowering and nurturing young talent, and that’s why we are pleased to offer merit scholarships to outstanding students entering  Grade 11 (Year 1 of the IBDP Programme).

For the academic year 2020-2021, we offer different scholarships:  50% scholarships and 25% scholarships. The scholarship discounts apply to all fees, including registration fees. Please see for full details of all fees.

Selection criteria

We invite scholarship applications from new students due March 13th 2020. Eerde scholarships are merit based and awarded to students who meet the criteria:

  • Academic
  • Character based



  • Demonstrated outstanding academic results and potential
  • Highly motivated to excel across a range of academic subjects
  • Deep, intrinsic interest in learning
  • High level of English ability (comfort in speaking, writing and researching in English). IELTS of at least 7,0 (or comparable testing)



  • Integrity, honesty, tolerance, compassion and open-mindedness
  • Strong leaderships abilities
  • Potential to contribute to the Eerde community

How to apply

Applications should be submitted by mail to before the 13th of March 2020. You can find the required documents below. After this date, a short list will be compiled of the scholarship applications. After this all applicants will be notified about the status of the short list.

Shortlisted candidates may be asked to complete additional assessments in critical reading, writing and mathematics assessments. Interviews will take place with the Director, Principal and relevant Coordinator. Preferably this will be executed at campus.

A final decision as to whether to award the scholarship will be made by the School director, after consultation with the Principal and the relevant Coordinator. We will notify scholarship candidates about the outcome after the process has been completed.

This will be 30th of April 2020 at the latest.

Application documents

To apply, please submit the following:

  • Eerde Application form*
  • Eerde Medical form*
  • An application letter from the student, outlining the student’s skills in their chosen area and expressing why they believe they should be awarded an Eerde scholarship. In addition, the student should indicate which scholarship they are applying for
  • Copies of the candidate’s report cards for the last two academic years
  • Copies of the candidate’s results in external public examinations (e.g. IGCSE or PSAT)
  • A minimum of 2 letters of recommendation attesting to the student’s, by the students (current) teacher:
    • Good character
    • Academic ability
  • IELTS or TOEFL or BUSSAT test results for non-native speakers of English
  • In addition a SSAT or similar test result might be required
  • All letters should be submitted in English.


The student may be asked for financial proof of student’s position to justify the request for the scholarship.

*Eerde forms can be reuqested by contacting our admissions team. Please send an email to

Questions or remarks?

In case you have questions, remarks, or would like to visit our campus, please contact our Admissions office through: or +31 (0)529 451 452.