Educational philosophy

Our Mission Statement

At Eerde, our mission is to help students develop into successful, engaged and responsible young adults with strong global connections; in possession of life-long learning skills and friendships forged for life.

We strive to provide our young people with the opportunity to develop academically, athletically, artistically and ethically and to achieve their full potential.  Through offering a nurturing environment, in which inquiry based and experiential learning, personal development and diversity are valued, we aim to develop students who have the confidence, ambition and skills they need to make a positive difference.

Our Guiding Statements – We Are…


We develop confidence in our abilities and ideas, in order to work towards achieving our dreams and future aspirations. We celebrate success and we feel proud of ourselves, each other and our school.


We identify our strengths and our areas for improvement. We reflect on our actions, our behaviour and our treatment of others.


We examine evidence and use reason to arrive at conclusions. We question assumptions, traditions, and conventional wisdom. We challenge and innovate, always striving to be independent thinkers.


We value our community and strive to work together to help each other fulfil our potential as a school and as individuals. We understand that our community extends beyond the walls of our school to the local community and wider world.


We think of others and care about others’ needs.  We are friendly, collaborative and build positive relationships. We take care of ourselves and value healthy lifestyles and choices.


We value personal and social development, as well as academic development. We strive to achieve a healthy balance between those areas of our lives that we value and those we need to develop.


We are ambassadors for our family, our friends, our school and our community. We consider our impact on the planet and society and strive to be responsible global citizens.


We seek to understand each other, recognising our similarities and celebrating our differences. We recognise that different values, traditions and customs can all be right, striving for a culture of mutual respect and tolerance.