Eerde Campus

Eerde International Boarding School Netherlands is located on a secluded country estate in beautiful woodland scenery. The moated castle dates from 1715  and has been in use as an international school since 1934. At the heart of the castle students find a fully-equipped Library. On weekday evenings we hold supervised study sessions here and teach 21st century information skills. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are in the cosy bistro in the castle basement where students, teachers and support staff all eat together. View the 360 tour or read all about our unique location below.

Eerde 360 tour

The Orangery – Art Room

The Orangery dates from the late 19th century. With its beautiful south-facing glass facade it’s a delightful space to discover art. Which is why the Orangery is now home to our creative centre, an inspirational environment where you can learn design, drawing, painting and modelling.

Sports hall and gym

At Eerde we believe in healthy bodies and healthy minds. The sports hall and gym in the castle grounds is available to students as part of the curriculum, and for boarding pupils in their free time. There are also plenty of opportunities for physical exercise in the castle’s natural surroundings.

After a lot of research for private schools offering IB in the Netherlands, we chose Eerde. The main reasons were the location and setting combined with quality education.

Anita, a mother

Kitchen and dining areas

In our professional kitchen our cook prepares nutritious homemade food with an international flavour, fresh every day. As a boarding pupil you can take over the kitchen at the weekend to make your own ‘fusion’ brunch. The focus on healthy food and drink is part of our philosophy that education is not just about learning facts and figures. Attention to physical wellbeing, conscious choices on personal care and a balanced diet are just as important.

Riding, running, hiking, biking

If you’re used to riding and grooming a horse at home, there’s no need to give up your passion when you come to Eerde. Our partnership with local stables De Hazelhorst gives ample opportunities for all types of equestrian activities, from riding lessons to competing in events.    Or give in to the temptation to take a long walk, run or bike ride in the park and woodlands surrounding the Eerde country estate.

Boarding houses and classrooms

The two classical boarding houses in the castle grounds are only a short-walk from the high-tech school building. The special sloping design of the roof ensures that the modern building blends beautifully into its natural surroundings and the huge windows fill the building with natural light. All classrooms are equipped with both traditional and contemporary learning resources.