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As teachers, our primary responsibility is to optimise the learning outcomes of the students in our care. Additionally, we have a pastoral responsibility to ensure that the social, physical and emotional development of each child is encouraged and supported.

As members of the International School Eerde community, we must be committed to promoting and upholding the Eerde Code of Honour of the school and to maintaining the highest professional standards in all we do at, and for, the school.


As a minimum must be qualified to First Degree Bachelor level (relevant to teaching subject of Dutch) with a current teaching certificate.  


Must be experienced in the delivery of teaching Dutch to first and second language students.  Knowledge of International education is an advantage.

Personal Attributes

  • Self-driven and motivated to maximize every student’s potential.
  • Exceptional skills in organization and planning.
  • A natural affinity with teaching and learning, with the ability to differentiate and personalise the learning experience.
  • Driven to support students to succeed to the best of their ability.
  • Good communication skills with all potential school stakeholders.
  • Proven team player.
  • English fluency essential. 

Responsibilities Curriculum

  • Is an expert in the curriculum of the subject/s taught.
  • Contributes to the planning, development and documentation of the curriculum.
  • Plans for diverse learning needs, interests and abilities within a small classroom setting with a strong emphasis on personalising education.
  • Keeps abreast of relevant educational developments and curriculum updates. 


  • Is responsible for the growth and development of the individual student in accordance with the philosophy of the school as expressed in the school’s Vision and Mission Statements
  • Has a responsibility for the safety and discipline of all students in and out of the classroom.
  • Adheres to the classroom protocols see relevant Handbook.
  • Teaches classes as designated by the Principal.
  • Plans lessons and implements instructional goals and classroom routines thoroughly and effectively.
  • Covers additional teaching when required.
  • Incorporates the Learner Profile into their curriculum teaching.

Assessment and reporting

  • Must monitor and record students’ academic progress and ensure parents, and other teachers, are informed as appropriate.
  • Welcomes parental interest in the progress of students and is willing to listen to, and respond to, parents’ views.
  • Must use student assessment to improve learning and teaching.
  • Must ensure that all deadlines associated with assessment and reporting are adhered to.
  • Is responsible for the communication of specific student related issues to the Principal.
  • Is available for all parent/teacher meetings during the academic year.

Form mentor teachers

  • Teachers who are Form Teachers are responsible for the social, emotional and academic needs of their form. This role must be considered in conjunction with boarding should the student be a boarding student.
  • Concerns must be escalated to Principal.
  • Must support students to participate in the school community eg activities.
  • Must ensure that their Form students have their personal goals set as per procedure and meet bi weekly.
  • Is responsible for sharing relevant student information with the teaching staff involved. 


  • Respectful and collegial to all team members and acts as an active team member.
  • Maintains high visibility as a teacher and team member to the wider Eerde community.
  • Actively promotes International Mindedness both in and out of the classroom. 

Professional responsibilities

  • Actively promotes the positive image of Eerde in public settings.
  • Works collaboratively and constructively with colleagues and management.
  • Is diplomatic and discreet in all professional dealings.
  • Is an active member of the Eerde community.
  • Attends school as required by contract and is punctual at all times.
  • Participates and contribute to all wider curricula activities as required.
  • To participate in the teachers’ appraisal procedure as established by the Principal.
  • Participates positively in the accreditation process.
  • Performs all other reasonable duties requested by the Principal.

This is a full-time position.  Mon – Fri 8.15-4.45, 1659hrs per annum.  Salary and benefits are based on qualifications and experience. 

Please contact recruitment@eerde.nl with a letter of motivation and your current CV.

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