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As staff, our primary responsibility is to optimise the learning outcomes of the students in our care. Additionally, we have a pastoral responsibility to ensure that the social, physical and emotional development of each child is encouraged and supported.

As members of the International School Eerde community, we must be committed to promoting and upholding the Eerde Code of Honour of the school and to maintaining the highest professional standards in all we do at, and for, the school. 

As an overall guide you are also provided with a School Staff Handbook, which details the expectations and duties of all teaching staff.  This job description also forms the basis of your appraisal.  

Role purpose

Teacher librarians have a dual role.  The role is key in the development of library resources and its value during academic study.  This role will link the library directly into the classroom resource requirements through training to all stakeholders using the library. Additionally, the library is a place of study both during school hours and evening hours/weekends to encourage our student cohort and better prepare them for tertiary education.  


  • Bachelor of Education. 
  • Teaching qualifications.
  • Certification in librarianship. 
  • Previous teaching experience (2 years).

Personal attributes

  • A proven capacity to fully integrate the library function into the school community
  • Excellent communication skills, multi-tasking and time management
  • A demonstrated capacity to develop cooperation between teaching and learning.
  • A demonstrated ability to initiate, plan and implement programmes in response to new educational needs and priorities.
  • Good classroom management skills.


Manage the planning, administrative and budgetary functions of the library and information services.  

Job role specifics

  • To establish and implement library and information policies and procedures.
  • To develop and manage convenient, accessible library and information services.
  • To establish and manage the budget for library and information services, technology and media.
  • To develop and manage cost-effective library and information services, technology and media.
  • To order materials and maintain records for payment of invoices with appropriate approval.
  • To analyse and evaluate library and information services, technology and media service requirements.
  • To perform original cataloguing and classification of print, audio-visual and electronic resources.
  • To maintain the organisation of library materials.
  • To ensure an accurate inventory of resources.
  • To ensure efficient retrieval by users.
  • To search external database programs for the availability of cataloguing copy.
  • To maintain inventories, compile statistics and generate reports as required.
  • To develop and maintain cataloguing procedures.
  • To enter cataloguing data into the library's automated system.
  • Process resources for placement on shelf.
  • Provide library services in response to the information needs of library users.
  • To respond to daily on-site requests for information.
  • To train library users to effectively search the Library catalogue and other electronic resources.
  • To provide a loan service for both book and audiovisual materials and maintain records.
  • Maintain records for the library loan service.
  • To effectively and efficiently close down a school year.
  • To effectively and efficiently prepare for the start of a new school year. 

Professional Responsibilities

  • Actively promotes the positive image of Eerde in public settings.
  • Works collaboratively and constructively with colleagues and management.
  • Is diplomatic and discreet in all professional dealings.
  • Is an active member of the Eerde community.
  • Attends school as required by contract and is punctual at all times.
  • Participates in all wider curricula activities as required.

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