Position: Head of Admissions

Responsible in the first instance to: relevant Director CEO

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As members of the International School Eerde community, we must be committed to promoting and upholding the Eerde Code of Honour of the school and to maintaining the highest professional standards in all we do at, and for, the school.

As an overall guide you are also provided with a School Staff Handbook, which details the expectations and duties of all staff.  This document also forms the basis of your appraisal. 

Role purpose

The purpose of the role of Head of Admissions is to connect with potential clients and convert contacts into contracts, while observing school policy and its admissions policy.  This is a crucial role in which excellent organization skills are required as well as organizational and planning skills.  As professionals in their field, Head of Admissions should at all times represent the school and potential clients with the utmost professionalism.
The role requires strategic planning for worldwide student recruitment and planning for emerging markets.


Bachelor degree is essential


  • Applicants must have a track record of customer driven experience.
  • Multilinguistic are required giving preference to candidates with Chinese and/or Arabic.  
  • Previous experience in the field of school recruitment is required.

Personal attributes

  • Self-driven and focused.
  • Motivated with good levels of flexibility and adaptability.
  • Exceptional skills in organization and planning.
  • Exceptional skills with communication.
  • Sunny disposition with great approachability.
  • Interest in the field of education.
  • Fully comfortable planning and organizing foreign travel in preparation for attending fairs when required.

Key responsibilities

Enquiry to Enrolment

  • Create and facilitate opportunities for student recruitment.
  • Ensure that all potential clients information needs are met and addressed.
  • Ensure that all leads are followed up and concluded where required.
  • Ensure that upon enrolment all administration required is correct.
  • Ensure that all references and information provided are valid.
  • Ensure that all admissions testing is planned and completed as per the Admissions Policy.
  • Ensure that upon enrolment all further stakeholders are fully informed and prepared for new student.

Campus Tours

  • Tour clients through the Campus. 
  • Ensure that all stakeholders are aware of the event.


  • Build a good network for student's recruitment.
  • Ensure that communication and contact with parents of potential students is strong and effective.
  • Ensure that client relationships are professional and effective.

Professional responsibilities.

  • Actively promotes the positive image of Eerde in public settings.
  • Works collaboratively and constructively with colleagues and management.
  • Is diplomatic and discreet in all professional dealings.
  • Is an active member of the Eerde community.
  • Attends school as required by contract and is punctual at all times.
  • Participates in all wider curricula activities as required.
  • To participate in the appraisal procedure.
  • Participates positively in the accreditation process.

Performs all other reasonable duties requested by the Director CEO

Please send letter of motivation and CV to our HR Manager, p.glancy@eerde.nl

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